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With comprehensive hearing tests and consultations for you and your family

The best choice of hearing solutions

The practice was established more than 20 years ago by resident hearing specialist Mark Vellam and is now run jointly with his son Matthew Vellam.

We are the leading independent, family-run private hearing care company for the people of Jersey.

We aim to provide a high-quality professional service in a friendly environment. Our goal is to improve our patients hearing to the highest possible level using the latest, most advanced hearing systems to suit individual hearing loss and personal preferences.


Why Choose Us?

Over thirty-five years of professional experience We know from experience which style and hearing aid technology should produce the best outcome for each patient. As an independent family practice, we can offer impartial advice and are not tied to any particular make or brand. Trials are available.
Open throughout the working week for appointments From earwax removal to hearing tests to hearing aids and aftercare services, we will be pleased to help professionally and efficiently.
Local Team Our staff all live locally, so there is no waiting for a specialist to travel in from outside the Island. We remained open to help our patients throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. You can reach us by telephone ( no UK phone centres ), email, social media, or call in.
Modern Equipment We regularly renew and invest in the clinic hearing test equipment, including powerful ENT-grade microscopes, video otoscopes, and specialist earwax removal equipment.
Accessibility We offer modern, calm surroundings, a private waiting area, and complimentary wi-fi. There is also a lift within the building. We are easy to reach just outside of St Helier, and free parking is on-site.
Professional Standards RHADs are regulated by the Health Professions Council, which ensures that they meet national standards. HCAs and RHADs attend regular training sessions to ensure they are familiar with the latest practices and procedures.

What We Do

Hearing Aids from all leading manufacturers As an independent practice, we can select the most suitable hearing aids from all leading manufacturers and are not tied to any particular make or brand. Everything from small and discreet custom rechargeable to more powerful hearing aids that sit behind the ear, and we can help. This broad choice to suit you also offers a wide range of prices to meet most budgets.
A Personal Service We appreciate that it can be difficult to decide to wear a hearing aid for the first time, so we make as much time as you need to discuss any concerns you may have and to ensure that you participate fully at every stage of the decision process. You will
Comprehensive Hearing Assessments Your hearing assessment, which is more than a simple hearing check, includes an otoscopic examination of your ears and a thorough hearing test and evaluation. If you would benefit from some assistance, we can discuss the available options with you before deciding upon the most suitable hearing solution for your individual requirements. Our fee for a comprehensive hearing assessment is £75. If requested and only with your consent, we can prepare an Audiogram for your records or forward this to your GP.
Hearing Aid Trial For reassurance, we are happy to offer a two-week trial. We want patients to feel comfortable ahead of reaching a decision. Our fee, including all single-use components, is £150. At the end of the trial, there is no obligation at all.
Full support during acclimatisation Once the hearing aids are fitted and programmed, we will ensure you know how to operate and maintain them and discuss your expectations as you become accustomed to better hearing. We can make any necessary fine-tuning adjustments at follow-up appointments to ensure you get the best possible results.
Aftercare Service To ensure you get the maximum benefit from your hearing aids, we provide a complete aftercare service, including free regular check-ups and reprogramming as required. We know how important this is to a successful fitting. We have the time, experience and expertise to ensure that your hearing aids continue to give you the best possible results. If you need us, just get in touch. Our team is locally based, and we remained on hand for our patients throughout the Covid 19 pandemic.
Repair and Servicing We can handle the servicing/repair of most makes of hearing aids, whether originally supplied by us or not. We can carry out minor repairs at our Centre; otherwise, the instrument will be returned to the manufacturer for repair. Depending on your hearing loss, we can lend you a hearing aid whilst yours is away.
Hearing Accessories We offer a range of batteries, hearing instrument cleaning kits and other hearing accessories, and environmental aids such as TV streamers and telephone amplifiers.
Earwax Removal The gentle and safe removal of soft/hard wax by fully qualified staff using microsuction or a constant flow warm water ear canal irrigation system.
Hearing Protection We can make medical-grade ear impressions which you can take away to send to your ear protection provider, or we can have custom ear moulds made for you. We can arrange for the manufacture and supply of specialist protection for Musicians, Motorsport, Industrial, Sleeping, Swimming and Shooting.

Our team

We are a highly personal service

We offer the smallest discreet rechargeable hearing aids available, comprehensive hearing assessments and earwax removal.

Our support team is locally based and has a patient-orientated problem-solving culture. We are open throughout the week are here to help.


Matthew Vellam


Matthew is a Member of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (MSHAA) and the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

Mark Vellam


Mark is a Fellow of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (FSHAA).