Ear Wax Removal in Jersey

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What is Earwax?

Earwax is a combination of cerumen, dead skin, and other debris.

Earwax Problems

It only becomes a problem when this natural migration out of the ear canal fails, and the wax builds up to excess.

If earwax does accumulate, it may become troublesome, possibly resulting in some of the following symptoms:

  • Loss of hearing
  • Earache
  • Tinnitus
  • Hearing Aid feedback or whistle
  • Itchy ears

Why Choose Us?

  • Early appointments – the same day when possible.
  • Trained professional team – earwax removal specialists
  • The latest medical equipment – microsuction or constant flow warm water ear irrigation.
  • Taking Care - ENT grade microscopes, so the examination and removal process is precise and comfortable.
  • Otoscope – before and after pictures if required
  • Access – just on the outskirts of St Helier with complimentary onsite parking and a building lift.
  • Contact us – by email or telephone or call in – we will be pleased to help


Additional Information

What is Microsuction? Microsuction is an earwax removal technique using our ENT-grade microscope – which allows depth perception and magnification – to look into the ear canal and a very fine sterile suction device at low pressure to remove the earwax. We also have an otoscope to record images and generate a GP report and referrals if required. The technique means that we can avoid touching the sides of the ear canal, which makes the process comfortable.
What is Constant Flow Warm Water Ear Irrigation This is a more traditional method using water at body temperature that is gently pulsed into the ear canal to remove the earwax. It is beneficial for stubborn or hardened earwax.
What to expect during your Visit Using a range of techniques best suited to you and your needs, we will talk you through the procedure, ensuring you are comfortable and confident. Aftercare advice is included. It is helpful to use medical-grade olive oil ear drops two or three days before your visit, but it is not essential. We stock Cerumol eardrops. If you cannot source this product or something similar from your local chemist, we can happily post it to you.
Pricing Whether you have the ear wax removed by microsuction or constant flow warm water ear irrigation, we charge £45 for one ear and an additional £30 for two ears. The minimum clinic appointment fee is £45.