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Hearing Protection - Musicians

musicians-protection.pngACS PRO for Musicians

The new generation PRO range offers improved preservation of the original sound, with vented moulds for better communication and more natural-sounding vocal performances. There is more emphasis on protection from loud higher frequencies. Available in three filter levels: PRO15 (for acoustic and orchestral musicians), PRO17 (for musicians and vocal performers) and PRO20 (loud high pitched frequencies).

musicians-elacin.pngElacin Musicians' Earplugs

Discreet earplugs providing protection for musicians and vocalists whilst maintaining the quality of the music. Moulds are made in a soft material, and the filters are available in three levels, ER9, ER15 and ER25 depending on the degree of protection required. These are still available, but are largely superceded by the PRO series, apart from the ER25 which is still the best option for heavy metal and very loud music.