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Hearing Aids from all leading manufacturers

As an independent practice, we are able to select the most suitable hearing aids from all of the leading manufacturers and are not tied to any particular make or brand. This also gives us a wide range of prices to suit most pockets.

A Personal Service

We appreciate that it can be difficult to make the decision to wear a hearing aid for the first time, so we make every effort to help you overcome any concerns that you may have and to ensure that you participate fully at every stage of the decision process.

Free Hearing Assessments

Your initial hearing assessment includes an otoscopic examination of your ears, as well as a thorough hearing test and evaluation. We can then see whether or not your hearing needs assistance and, if it does, discuss the available options with you before deciding upon the most suitable hearing solution for your individual requirements.

Full support during acclimatisation

Once the hearing aids are fitted and programmed, we will ensure you know how to operate and maintain them, as well as discussing your expectations as you become accustomed to better hearing. At follow-up appointments, we can make any necessary fine-tuning adjustments to ensure you get the best possible results.

Aftercare Service

To ensure that you continue to get maximum benefit from your hearing aids, we provide a complete aftercare service, which includes free regular checkups and reprogramming as required. We know how important this is to a successful fitting. We have the time and expertise to ensure that your hearing aids continue to give you the best possible results.

Repair and Servicing

We can handle the servicing/repair of most makes of hearing aids, whether originally supplied by us or not. We can carry out minor repairs at our Centre; otherwise, the instrument would be returned to the manufacturer for repair. Depending on your hearing loss, we may be able to lend you a hearing aid whilst yours is away.

Hearing Accessories

We offer a range of batteries, hearing instrument cleaning kits and other hearing accessories, together with environmental aids such as TV listeners, telephone amplifiers, etc. A range of batteries and other accessories are available.

Ear Irrigation & Wax Removal

The gentle and safe removal of soft/hard wax by fully qualified staff using a warm water irrigation system.

Hair Removal from the Ear

The gentle and safe removal of hair by fully qualified staff.